Hazelnut-Red fruit-Fig Bites


17% hazelnuts, 16.5% dried figs, 13% mixed fruit puree pieces [4.5% concentrated apple puree, 4% fruit puree (black currant, raspberry, strawberry, redcurrant), 3.9% concentrated apple juice, 0.1% concentrated elderberry juice, wheat fibre, gelling agent (pectin)], butter (milk), 8.5% oat flakes, whole spelt flour, 7% pumpkin seeds, rice crisps [rice flour, wheat flour, rye malt, salt], honey, 3.7% raisins, rice flour, 1.3% concentrated black currant puree, barn egg powder

Allergen information

Contains: hazelnuts, gluten (wheat, oat, rye, spelt), milk and egg. May contain other nuts, peanuts and barley.


Store in a cool dry place.